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The history of acupuncture dates back 5,000 years in time.


"I heard that in ancient times , men lived up to 100 years of age .... "


"In the old ages, men who lived according to the TAO, observing the law of Ying and Yang, were sober and living a simple way , for this reasons , healthy in body and spirit, they reached 100 years "


With this conversation between Emperor Huang Ti and his minister Jipa .... Nei -Jing begins, the oldest medical work in the world....


Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, act on the channels (meridians) and acupuncture points, which used individually or in combination, can regulate the functions of the organs in order to prevent illness, maintain health and recover in case of illness, by stimulating nerve centers.


An accurate diagnosis, proper selection of acupuncture points, and the correct stimulation and knowledge, make the acupuncture treatment, a short and effective form to manage multiple diseases and conditions, both physical and emotional.


Traditional Chinese medicine, which is linked to the philosophy from Tao, views man as the universe and as part of a larger universe. Today it is also closely related to Western medicine, which provides diagnostic tools that complement and support the treatment


The interaction with the environment through emotions, weather, nutrition and the genetic profile, among others are determining factors to the health of the modern man.


Acupuncture is a worldwide regulated health services practice that does not interfere with the treatment that a patient is taking. It is a safe, reliable, effective and painless procedure!


The materials most commonly used are needles, moxa (Artemisia vulgaris cigar ) and Cupping, which are new, sterile and meet FDA standards and the Ministry of Health in Mexico standard. For this reason, the acupuncturist must be certified and recognized by health authorities and have the licenses required by state.

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